Sticky Meatamix

Sticky Meatamix

A Special sticky high protein mix of blended dry meat and other secret ingredients, used in conjunction with the method feeder and cage feeder.

Ideal for Carp, Chub, Perch, Eels and all types of fish

Carp on Sticky Meatamix


Available in 1kg Bags

This is an old favourite groundbait mix and was very popular in the 70s and 80s the meat extract attracts all types of fish into the swim, including moving and Stillwater’s. Meat and dog biscuits on the hook as bait has been a firm favourite for many anglers over the years accounting for many good catches of fish and this mix complements this type of bait. Now introduced through the Gold Medal range anglers now have the opportunity to use it once again...  This mix has a special ingredient to help stick the groundbait together especially for method feeder fishing  

Mixing: Add water to the mix, leave for a few minutes until completely Absorbed making a sticky soft mixture. Mould onto method feeder or plugged Into an open caged feeder. Can also be mixed into a paste as a bait.


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