Skrettings Pellets

Skrettings Fish Pellets
A slow sinking feed for a variety of coarse fish. Coarse fish diets have been developed to satisfy the demand for an all-round performance feed suitable for most species of coarse fish.  Coarse Fish feed is made from the optimum mix of ingredients which ensures high feed attractiveness and balanced nutrition.  This ensures that fish will consume the feed avidly and will derive the best  nutritional benefit.  In addition, our Coarse Fish feeds are produced using cooker/expander technology which, by using high temperature and pressure, helps gelatinise the starches present in the diet, rendering it more digestible.  This has the benefit of improving pellet stability and reducing feed wastes.

High protien light colour pellet that is a slow sinking bait for all types of coarse fish
Extruded pellets available in sizes  4.5, 6, 8.5 and 11 mm

Free Delivery on order's over £20 Only

Available in  600 gram Bags
8mm 6 mm 4mm

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