Ganja Groundbait

A secret mix of special enhancing flavouring that is guaranteed to get the fish hooked

Special enzymes that get the fish feeding, used on its own or add to groundbait


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Available in 900g Only

Free Delivery on order's over £20 Only

This Groundbait mixture is a new development and contains some special enhancing flavours, after extensive testing and adding a special ingredient by mistake I was pleasantly surprised to find the flavours contained in this mix come alive, finding it irresistible to most species of fish. Trying this groundbait on a variety of venues and independent testing have found some spectacular results, the flavour and smell are unique combining Garlic, onion, Halibut and special seeds that gets the fish addicted......  

Mixing: Add small amounts of water to the mix until you get a light mix that can be moulded into small balls. Add desired feed and hook baits  before throwing into your swim.
Can also be mixed with other groundbaits or use in a swim feeder.

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